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Eminem's New Video Highlights 9/11, Illuminati

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Download the video, right click here, save target as.

GNN | October 26 2004

Prison commends GNN and Eminem for this new video.

The last couple of years have seen an explosion in cultural expressions of freedom that expose 9/11 and government tyranny.

This summer saw the release of a best-selling hip-hop song by Jadakiss which asked the question, why did Bush knock down the towers?

FLASHBACK: Hit Rap Song Asks: "Why Did Bush Knock Down The Towers?"

It's amazing that the acceleration of revelation is to the point when even

the entertainment industry is waking up and contributing.

It takes a measure of bravery to create and promote this kind of project and we applaud the efforts of the GNN team.


From Liberty Think....

Eminem has released a new video of the cut "Mosh," from his upcoming album Encore. The largely animated video , produced in association with Guerilla News Network, opens with Eminem reading to schoolchildren in the shadow of the World Trade Center on 9/11, not unlike Bush did in Florida.

It then cuts to Eminem standing before a wall collaged with newspaper clippings and photos featuring headlines about Bush's foreknowledge of 9/11 (including the famous BUSH KNEW New York Post headline); the civil rights abuses of the PATRIOT Act; maltreatment of soldiers; war profiteering and even the Illuminati's all-seeing eye.

Eminem then rallies a crowd of youngsters to action, crying "F*** Bush!" as black helicopters buzz over. This is intercut with a scene of a soldier coming home only to immediately receive an order sending him back to Iraq. As Eminem calls Bush "this monster, this coward we empowered," one of the infamous "bin Laden videos" plays on a television set -- only to have OBL's backdrop collapse to reveal a giggling Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld on a Hollywood set.

The lyrics slam the government's "psychological warfare" as the animated Eminem leads a crowd of youth to a voting booth. But perhaps Eminem isn't cyncial enough here, as a word about the electronic voting scam machines would be worthwhile as well. At least Eminem hasn't fallen into the trap of endorsing Bush's sworn Bones blood brother Kerry, though he came a little too close for this writer's tastes in his new Rolling Stone interview.

The last video Eminem produced in association with GNN, "White America," was banned from MTV Networks.

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